Debut album "Write Soon" available now!

Tanbark began in 2011 as a long-distance songwriting collaboration between Chloe Nelson, who was studying art history in London, and James Jannicelli, who was a drummer/multi-instrumentalist in the local Minneapolis scene. By 2012, they were both in Minneapolis, where their country and folk inspired songwriting and close vocal harmonies began to form the basis of their sound.

In 2014, Tanbark headed to Los Angeles to team up in the studio with Trevor Welch. The resulting 8-track album, "Write Soon," brings together the bareness of the duo's acoustic folk sound with a fuller, pedal-steel-and-Telecaster-fueled country sound.

Since relocating to New York City later in 2014, Tanbark has performed frequently around Brooklyn and Manhattan and has become a part of the city's thriving folk scene.

"Write Soon" was released August 20, 2015 and is available online and as a limited edition cassette.

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Photo/Video by Zoe Prinds-Flash